Hire Two Wheelers in Delhi NCR

Why Buy when you can rent your Dream Bike? Bike Tours on the fabulous motorbike is not about the experience but a mystical adventure that lasts long in the memories of the riders and satiates the feeling.

RahulMotoz is the largest motorbike rental provider in Delhi. Unleash the rider inside you and rent from our fleet of two wheelers on a daily, hourly, weekly or monthly basis. If you are planning to get a bike on rent, then one of the leading two wheeler rental company in Delhi is here to take care of all your needs.

We have well maintained and fine-tuned bikes to ensure your maximum safety and comfort. Servicing of the motorbikes is done regularly in accordance with the technical specifications in order to avoid any breakdown in the midst of a tour. RahulMotoz offers you the enriching choice of adventurous Bike tours, solo mountain biking and city Biking tours.

You can choose from our fleet of bikes namely, Royal Enfield Standard 500, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Avenger 220 DTSI, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220, Pulsar 220NS, Bullet Electra 350, Thunderbird 350, Duke 200, Himalayan, Avenger Cruiser 220, Avenger Street 220, Honda Activa and experience a royal journey.

We at RahulMotoz believes in working with the strict professional code of conduct and adhere to our pre and post booking norms. We always try to maintain a good relationship with our customers so that each time they come back to us for a more exciting traveling experience.

Our staff is well experienced and very cooperative, who is always available for your assistance. They will guide you in each and every stage of getting the right bike rental for you according to your requirements. We offer pick up and drop off services in different locations in Delhi in order to avoid any type of inconvenience.

So, if you are looking for two wheeler on rent in Delhi, New Delhi & Delhi NCR. Get in touch with RahulMotoz to get the best deals at the most competitive prices. Call us at +919871112296

Why hiring a motorbike on rent a better option in Delhi?

Planning to travel or roam about in the magnificent capital city? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Hiring a motorbike on rent in Delhi NCR with Rahul Motoz is always a better option than buying one or even travelling in the car.

Travel and explore with ease and tranquillity in mind as Delhi is not just restricted to visiting Qutub Minar or the Red Fort. The essence of Delhi NCR can be experienced only when you go deep inside uncovering those treasures it has to offer. Till date, if you visit Delhi you will witness the reflection of the ancient customs, cultures, traditions and culinary diversity of India. And what better option do you have to explore this Incredible place than on a bike? This time give it a try and hire a motorcycle on rent in Delhi NCR to explore this magnanimous part of India and trust us, you will see something novel in this journey which you will cherish throughout your lifetime. Below mentioned are some reasons as for hiring a motorbike on rent is always a better option to roam places in and around Delhi.

1. Save big on your expensesRoaming in and about Delhi NCR on your choice of hot wheels is certainly a fair option if you wish to explore this spectacular yet awe-inspiring place on Earth. Hiring a bike on rent in Delhi NCR will let you closely feel Delhi plus would cut a big share of its costs if you intend to buy one. Travelling on a budget is the real deal if you plan to visit Delhi.

2. Peace of mindHiring a motorcycle on rent definitely brings along peace of mind as you do not have to care about regular services, maintenance costs, insurance niggles, ownership issues etc.

3. Ride your choice of wheelsGives you an opportunity to ride your choicest wheels whenever and wherever. With Rahul Motoz you can choose from the fleet of royal bikes available and make the most of your outing. Our primary goal is to impart unparalleled services to our clients thereby enabling our customers to travel in style.

4. Better than travelling in a carDo you really want to spoil your fun sitting in a car in this beautiful city? Then you will only be able to see and not feel the city. As we all know about the huge traffic jams posed by four-wheelers in Delhi, deciding to roam in Delhi on a bike is a great decision. There are many streets in Delhi wherein cars won’t go but a motorbike would go and are surely worth it. This way besides being close to the city you will also save a lot on your time and of course money.


Starting Price : ₹ 1100


Starting Price : ₹ 750


Starting Price : ₹ 600


Starting Price : ₹ 550


Starting Price : ₹ 550


Starting Price : ₹ 700


Starting Price : ₹ 750

DUKE 200

Starting Price : ₹ 1100


Starting Price : ₹ 1200


Starting Price : ₹ 700


Starting Price : ₹ 700


Starting Price : ₹ 600


Starting Price : ₹ 600


Starting Price : ₹ 400

Terms & Conditions

There are 3 options for security deposit. Customer needs to select one out of these three.

  • Zero Cash Deposit – Post-Dated Cheque (Customer’s own cheque) + Original Passport + Copy of Driving License
  • Rs. 1,000 cash + Post-Dated Cheque + Copy of Driving License + Any govt ID proof (Adhar Card or Voter ID).
  • Rs. 2,000 cash + original passport + copy of license.

Post Dated Cheque: It’s a normal cheque with a date of 5 days after your trip is ending. Since, no bank accepts a post dated cheque, hence it’s just taken as a security and is returned immediately when a customer returns the bike. The cheque will have a bike insured value.

Note: If the customer doesn’t come prepared with these documents, it will be treated as a no show and no refund will be made for that booking.

  • 1 Helmet will be given complementary with each bike, Second Helmet is chargeable at Rs. 50 per day.
  • Minimum age of rider must be 20 years
  • Copy of Driving Licence will be verified in original.