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Technology has revolutionized everything in our lives from food to travel. Advancements in technology and with the digitization of systems around us, it never has been this easy to travel and have fun.

According to Google Travel study, more than 70% of the travelers today plan and purchase their trips on the internet and only 13% still use local travel agencies for their trips. So, it is evident that with times changing even our choices while we travel is changing.

From social media to search engines to mobile computing and to the increase in digital payments, every little communication and transaction is happening online today. This was sure to happen even in the bike rental industry and it is going through some massive growth recently.

Why has there been an escalating growth in the online bookings of bike rentals in India? And why you should also rent a bike online?. Know this and more in the following story.

1. Avoid the rush and ensure availability:

While you plan your trip, you tend to spend a lot of time in research, comparison, and organization of your travel arrangements online. After arranging all the requirements, you may not have the energy and time to go to a bike rental to get the bike for your trip, also availability is an issue when it's a biking season.

So, what renting a bike online does is, at the convenience of your home you can select the bike you need and get it delivered at your designated location. This makes it hassle-free and also keeps you a step ahead when the season breaks out. Rahul Motoz has been at the forefront of this revolution and given our riders the best experience if they want to rent a bike in Delhi online.

2. Get the most out of your Hire:

When you rent a bike online it becomes so much more convenient for you as you have real-time information about the availability and also the pricing. You can compare through different websites and look for yourself which bike rental provides you the best value.

You can check their services, processes, bikes, accessories, etc. The best part here is you will get the bike delivered at your doorstep. You can also calculate the pricing and find the best price that fits your budget.

If you are thinking of an expedition to the Himalayas from Delhi then you can visit us at RahulMotoz. We are one of the leading bike rentals in Delhi and have proven it with the value we have been able to bring in the lives of our riders.

3. Quality at its best:

For your expedition to be smooth and steady you will need a bike of a top-notch quality which won't die on you during a crisis. So, when you rent a bike online, you don't have to worry much because most online bike rentals today have a sole department dedicated to the maintenance of bikes.

Also, some rentals provide real-time service in case the bike breaks down during your ride. If the proximity of your location cannot be reached in the shortest time then representatives from bike rentals also travel along your expedition to help you in crisis.

We at Rahul Motoz give our utmost priority in providing the best value where we conduct weekly maintenance of the bikes. Also, we provide real-time help if you rent a bike in Delhi for local exploration. Our Ladakh trip is coming soon and we want to provide every help you need in your journey as well.

4. Hassle-free Service:

Renting a bike online is such a blissful experience that people are left awestruck by the experience of it. It saves so much of your time, money and energy which you can utilize in other priorities of your life. From payment to delivery of the bike, all of the undesirable work for you is done by the bike rentals.

You just need to select your bike, make the payment and get your bike delivered for free. The best part is you don't have to pay it all at once. You can keep a small amount of security and some documents as collateral and the bike is ready to go with you on your expedition.

We follow the same process in RahulMotoz and have modified to provide you with different options of how you can rent from us. We even have a Zero cash deposit option!. So, check it out in "how it works" section on our website at RahulMotoz.

5. Terms & Conditions will be intact:

Terms and conditions when you rent a bike are crucial for both the rider and the rental company. As there must be a win-win situation created for both the parties. For you as the rider, it becomes a lot safer to rent a bike online as bike rentals who process their payments online, keep their terms and conditions intact and clear to the riders.

Rahul Motoz follows the same principle and we have this policy of keeping security deposit or cheque and any one or two of the valid government documents before renting a bike in Delhi. Also, we follow strict policies for our services and also for the riders whom we rent our bikes.

This helps in creating a healthy and long term relationship.


Since now you know how easy and hassle-free this process is, you might be excited to rent a bike online for your next expedition. However, precautions in every decision you make are crucial in order to save your time and also your money. A legal agreement is mandatory when you are planning to rent a bike on a collateral basis of security or important documents.

So, look out for bike rentals who provide you the best value of your money. Rahul Motoz has built its reputation around the backdrop of this concept where our riders have always appreciated our impeccable services and unending commitment to bring maximum value on the table. You can visit us on our website if you want to rent a bike in Delhi as we are located in the capital.

What do you think about the concept and growth of renting bikes online?