Best Season for bike trip to Himachal from Delhi

16/12/2020 By

With splendid mountains and plunging river valleys, Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful North Indian destination that would be on the bucket list of all kinds of travellers. Himachal changes its colors as each season unfolds, be it summer, winter or monsoon.

However, in every season you can experience the amazing scenic beauty of Himachal. Have a look and weigh your options before you decide on when to visit this destination.

Best time for Himachal Pardesh Bike Trip from Delhi

    The weather in Himachal during summers is pleasant. Neither too hot nor too cold. This is the best time to visit Himachal if you wish to venture outdoors or perform adventurous activities like paragliding, river rafting, or camping.

    However, a lot of people make a visit during this time to get relief from the scorching heat of the summers. So the place is crowded during these months and the prices are usually high.

    During the months of July to September, the region experiences a heavy downpour. No doubt the rain turns the state mesmerizing but there is an increased danger of landslides and also activities like trekking and hiking are not allowed during these months.

    The roads get really slippery during rains so it is not preferable to go for a bike trip to Himachal during the monsoon season.

    For those who are exceedingly fond of snow, winter is the best time to visit Himachal. Places like Shimla, Manali, Narkanda enjoy good snowfall and people who have been waiting for snow can choose to travel during this time. 

    This is also a perfect time for adventure enthusiasts as you can enjoy winter sports like heli-skating and skiing. Himachal turns into a snowy heavy during winters and also great deals and discounts on accommodation are also available at this time of the year since this is an offseason.

So, it totally depends upon you to decide which season according to you is suitable. Rather it is summer or winter, each season has its own advantages, and no matter which season you choose to ride to Himachal from Delhi, this wonderful state will not fail to charm you with its splendid sights.