Camping Places in Spiti Valley Himachal Pardesh

21/05/2021 By

If you are the type of person who likes to mix travel with adventure then camping in Spiti Valley should be your top pick. Camping is the best option to have a beautiful and fun time in Lahaul Spiti. There are various great spots for camping where the visitors also get a chance to indulge themselves in activities like river crossing, tug of war and many more. Have a look at some of the best camping places in Spiti.

Camping Sites in Spiti Valley

    If you want to enjoy some luxury while camping then the Goldrop Camp Sissu in Lahaul is the perfect option for you. The tents have basic furniture inside to provide you a fun and comfortable experience. Apart from this you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Spiti Valley while camping at this place. 

    The tents are placed on the banks of the Bhaga River in Spiti and it provides a very soothing and exciting camping experience. The best part about this camp is you can listen to the calming noise of the river and take part in various activities like stargazing, night trekking and sightseeing the river.

    This campsite is situated at the Tsupark, next to a serene river. This camp provides you an ultimate experience along with a healthy dose of nature. Visitors can enjoy a bonfire, stargazing and a walk along the river.

    Situates in Sarchu, the Himalayan Monk Riders Luxury Camp (HMRA) provides exceptional facilities in terms of camps and tents. Along with a fun-filled stay, you also get a chance to take part in recreational activities at the camp and get personalized meal options.

With breathtaking views, crystal clear water sources and majestic mountains, Spiti has become one of the favorite camping destinations. There are several camping packages provided by the above-mentioned sites, you can explore those and choose the one which suits you the best. The best time for camping in Spiti is from March to July. so what are you waiting for? Go camping in Spiti Valley and make some unforgettable memories. 

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