Mistakes You Shall Never Want to Make When Going on Bike Trip

25/01/2021 By

Going on a bike trip is the best way to cover some amazing explorations of the country and it gets even more exciting if you are traveling with your buddies. However, there are many mistakes that can happen and ruin your trip. Given below are some of the most common mistakes you shall never want to make when going on a bike trip.

Mistakes People Commit on Bike Trip

  • Not checking the bike before starting
    It is very important to check each and every part of the bike before starting your trip as it can save you from hundreds of serious troubles. Your bike should be a perfect fit for the trip and if you don’t own one, make sure you rent it from a reputable bike rental company. 

  • Riding without safety gears
    Ignoring safety gear like gloves and helmet is the most common mistake that the majority of riders do. The helmet protects the most important part of your body and gloves increase the grip with brakes and handles. You should never compromise with safety and should always wear protective gear while riding.

  • Overtaking on curves
    The hilly roads of northern India are full of blind curves and overtaking in such a condition can be very dangerous as you cannot see anything beyond just a few meters ahead of you. Do not overtake on curves unless you see clearly for a good distance.

  • Listening to music
    Listening to music while riding is another common mistake. It reduces your situational awareness and also your listening ability which is even more important if you are riding in traffic. To avoid risky situations, you should not listen to music while driving. 

  • Riding with a tired mind
    Riding continuously without break can be really tiring. You can lose focus on the road if you continue to ride with a tired mind. So always understand when your body is asking you to take a break and refresh your mind before starting again.

Given above is the list of top 5 mistakes you shall never want to make when going on a bike trip. Always remember that it is better to reach a little late to your destination than to risk your safety and make sure that you choose a comfortable ride from popular bike rentals so that it becomes easy for you to cover longer distances.