One Day Trip from Delhi for Travelers & Bikers

25/01/2021 By

A one-day bike trip can be a perfect break when you are occupied with work all week. The good thing about living in Delhi is that it offers countless spots for one-day trips. Get your favorite ride from one of the popular bike rentals in Delhi and head out to these amazing places for a one day trip. 

One Day Road Trip From Delhi

    The main attraction in Neemrana is the Neemrana Fort Palace which lies on the Delhi Jaipur highway and is around 120 km away from Delhi. It is perfect for a royal weekend getaway and you can engage yourself in various activities like zip-lining across the Aravali Hills, visit the hanging gardens, and much more.

    Bharatpur bird sanctuary is home to the finest bird species and is an ideal place for all bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. Located at an ideal distance of 180 km from Delhi, you can spot a variety of rare birds at the sanctuary. 

    At just about 110 km from Delhi, this is the closest point where you can spot dolphins in the nearby Ganga river. You can also visit the famous resort, Fort Unchagaon, and relax your mind and soul, and indulge in activities like pottery and jaggery making to get a feel of rural life.

    Located at a distance of 180km from Delhi, you can comfortably visit Vrindavan for a day trip. It is a perfect place for experiencing the spiritual side of the land. It is home to temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and can truly be a spectacle to witness.

  • AGRA
    India’s one of the best roads, Yamuna expressway leads to Agra which is located at a distance of 230km from Delhi. It is one of the most preferred destinations for a one-day bike trip. The beauty of the Taj Mahal and the legacy of the Mughal Empire make it a must-visit for everyone.

The above-mentioned places are perfect for Delhi one day trips for travelers and bikers. As bike rentals are becoming popular among bike lovers, it is very convenient to go on bike trips. So check out these amazing places that will surely leave you refreshed and relaxed.