Is it Safe for Tourists to Rent Bike in Delhi?

10/11/2020 By

Renting a bike in Delhi is a great choice. It offers you an adventurous experience and helps you save your time by beating the traffic. Also, it gives you an option to stop along the way and enjoy the famous Delhi street food and explore the city in a fun and interesting way.

Safe for tourists to rent bike in Delhi

Yes, it is absolutely safe for a tourist to rent a bike in Delhi, you just need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Safety Gear
  • Travel Smoothly
  • Be Responsible
  • Maintain Proper Distance
  • Know the Basic Rules
  • Take Covid-19 Related Precautions
  1. Safety Gear
    Safety Gear includes all the basic essentials such as a helmet, gloves, protection pads, and a riding jacket. Make sure that your jacket is bright- coloured as it will increase your visibility to other people especially at night.
  2. Travel Smoothly
    Travelling smoothly will save your energy and will also keep you safe. It will help to protect you from the mistakes of any other rider.
    Avoid rash driving as it is a serious offense and is dangerous for you and other people on the road.

  3. Be Responsible
    Travel with a great attitude and follow all the traffic rules and regulations. Give indicators while taking a turn, keep a look on rearview mirrors, don’t jump the red light, and ensure that you follow speed limits.

    Your physical and mental fitness are equally important, so say a big no to drink and drive.
    Be patient and enjoy exploring the city.

  4. Maintain Proper Distance
    Maintaining the proper distance between the two vehicles on road is yet another important factor as it helps you avoid the situation of a road crash. 

    Follow the two-second rule according to which you should stay at least two seconds behind any vehicle that is in front of you. Whereas, during the night time this distance should be increased to 4 to 6 seconds due to the reduced visibility.

  5. Know the Basic Rules 
    Some rules in India are quite different from other countries. For example, people might indicate with hands instead of using indicators and in the UK when a driver flashes their headlights it means they are letting you go, but in India, it means let me go.

    You should always ride on the left side of the road in India while in some other countries it is the other way around.

  6. Take Covid Related Measures
    Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions. Wear a mask and keep a disinfectant spray and a sanitizer with you. Make sure that your bike is properly sanitized before riding and keep disinfecting the high touchpoints at regular intervals. Also, avoid touching your face and sanitize your hands frequently.

Make sure that you follow these points and explore Delhi on a bike as it is a must-do experience especially if you love to ride.