Essential Tips for Riding Motorbike In The Rain - Rahulmotoz

14/03/2021 By

For some people riding in the rain brings pleasure and for some other people, it might be a necessity to carry their daily commute to work. Riding in the rain can actually be fun and can give you one of the most memorable experiences. But at the same time, it can get dangerous too. So, it is very important to follow the essential tips for riding a motorbike in the rain.

Tips For Motorcycle Riding In The Rain

  • Protective Gear
    Choosing the right gear is the first key to enjoy your ride in the rain. Wear a good waterproof rain suit, boots, and gloves. Make sure your helmet is equipped with an anti-fog visor or a visor with an electric defrost function. Always ride with the visor closed as the thick raindrops can hurt you when you are riding at a good speed.

  • Watch out for manhole covers
    Watch out for manhole covers and sealer pavements while riding especially in the dark as they can be very dangerous. Be careful and scan the road well while turning your bike to enter an intersection. 

  • Ride smoother & smarter
    You must change the way you handle your motorbike when riding in less than ideal conditions. Ride slowly and smoothly when it is raining. Use less lean angles and never grab the brake lever sharply. Gradually apply your brakes and get your braking done early.

  • Find a dry line
    This may seem obvious but we still see many people riding on the wet area of the road even though the adjacent area is dry. Always prefer to place yourself in the driest section of the lane as it offers superior traction.

  • Wind & Thunderstorms
    Never ride during thundering and crosswinds as it is very difficult to maintain your balance in such a situation. Whenever you feel the conditions are uncomfortable or unfavorable, stop aside and wait for the weather to get better. 

You need to be well prepared as sometimes the rain is inevitable and these tips will assist in safe rain riding. Also, when going on bike trips it is recommended to consider a bike rental company and hire a bike that has modern features like good traction control and ABS.