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There are two kinds of riders, those who enjoy riding at night and those who avoid riding at night due to the reduced visibility. Riding at night can be pretty amazing as you can experience the night sky, city lights, and empty streets. However, riding at night is different from daytime riding, and for a thrilling and safe ride, you should keep in mind the given tips for riding a motorcycle at night. 

How to ride a motorbike at night?

  • Increase your visibility to others on the road

    It is very important to be visible to other people on the road at night. You can add reflective tape to your bike’s component as it acts as an independent source of light. Apply the tape or neon stripes on the front headlamp visor, front and rear fenders, and sides of the wheel rims. 

    You can also add reflective material on your clothes such as wrapping a reflective armband around the sleeves of your riding jacket or putting the reflective tape on your riding gear such as your helmet and jacket.

  • Upgrade your bike’s lightings

    Before going for a ride at night, make sure the lights of your motorcycle are working properly. Clean the headlights as even a thin layer of dirt can reduce the amount of light your bike emits. Make sure the headlight is bright enough and replace the bulbs if they have worn out. You can also equip your bike with auxiliary headlamps but they shouldn’t be high-powered as compared to the main headlamp.

    If you are hiring a motorbike from a bike rental company, it is essential to make a proper inspection of the bike to avoid any trouble.

  • Ride slowly and defensively

    Night time is not the moment to light up your riding spirits. It is important for your safety to abide by the law and keep control of your speed. Never interrupt the blind spot of others and ride on the safest lane possible.

  • Take adequate rest

    Riding a motorcycle becomes tiring after a while especially when you are riding continuously for long hours and night riding puts extra strain on your eyes. Take short breaks in between and refresh yourself so that you do not lose your focus while riding.

No matter how good is your eyesight, the degree of visibility at night reduces to a great extent. Be cautious and follow the above-given tips for riding a motorcycle at night. 

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