Tips for Riding Motorcycle at Night in Mountain Regions

25/06/2021 By

There is a lot of difference between riding your motorcycle on mountain roads and riding it on flat surfaces. Riding a motorbike gives a sense of freedom to the rider but at the same time riding in a curvy mountain terrain can be a little challenging. So, for a safe experience follow these tips for riding motorcycle at night in mountain regions.

Tips to ride Motorcycle at Night in Hilly Regions

    It is very important to see and be seen when you are riding at night. Make sure that your bike’s headlight provides you with clear visibility of the road. Wear a high visibility jacket or use reflective tape on your helmet, gear or backpack to increase your visibility to others while riding at night. 

    One of the main reasons why it is difficult to ride at night is that the potholes, gravel or sand on the road are harder to see. Ensure that you don’t outrun the headlights and drive at low speed.

    When riding in the mountains, remember to make use of the rear brakes of the motorbike more while going uphill and use the front brakes more when you go down the hill. This is because while going up most of the weight will be on the rear tire and applying the front brake will lock the front wheel and the same is the case with the rear wheel while you come downhill. 

    The mountain roads can become very tricky at times especially when you are riding your motorbike at night. Always anticipate the curve and the incline and plan ahead to stay safe on the road. You should also avoid riding on wet surfaces as it is a thin layer of ice and can cause serious accidents.

No doubt, riding a motorbike in mountain regions is very exciting and adventurous. Being careful and following the above-given tips will help you to enjoy your bike trip while staying safe at the same time.

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