What are the Tips & Requirement for a Girl to Travel Delhi?

18/10/2020 By

Delhi is a massive place and it can indeed confuse anybody who is not familiar with the place. To ensure your safety at all times you travel in this city we’ve compiled below a list of top 10 tips for women travelling to Delhi, that one should follow for safeguarding themselves.

  • Do your research in advance
    Travelling in India is not the same as travelling in western countries. It is a traditional, massive and diverse country hence it is advisable to have to full research of the places you wish to visit when in Delhi or the foods you want to try when travelling or the places you want to visit for sightseeing, shopping and more. Get your priorities straight and make up your list of things to do in Delhi.
  • Be confident
    Well, this is one of the top tips for all female travellers. Carry yourselves with full confidence and make sure you are well aware of the surroundings you will be stepping in. Be confident and not polite
  • Be aware of Transportation Options
    Make sure you are aware of all the commutation options available to move in and around Delhi. You can use cabs, hire cars on rents, hire bikes on rent, use e-rickshaws or tuk-tuks. To hire a bike on rent in Delhi, you can follow the link to book your bike or scooty online: Rahulmotoz
  • Scams in Delhi
    Touts are present in every nook and corner of Delhi. Don’t fall for their words especially when at the airport or railway station. Watch out for safe travel and accommodation options for yourselves and be careful of touts scamming you.
  • Download Useful Apps
    It is not only for female travellers but advisable for everyone to ensure to have these apps installed in their phones for a good experience while travelling in Delhi
    • Zomato & Swiggy
      Zomato & Swiggy are food delivery apps. These help you get to know better the places where you can eat and are in your budget.
    • Uber & Ola
      Well, at times travelling in a tuk-tuk can be a lot more expensive than in an Ola or Uber. Download these apps for booking a cab or taxi for moving around places in and around Delhi
    • Google Maps
      Download Google Maps to understand well about the routes and time travel from 
    • Aarogaya Setu
      In the wake of the current situation of COVID-19, it is advisable to download as it alerts you of the risk zone within the specified area of your travel.
    • Women Safety Apps
      Download any app from the below listed to ensure your safety in Delhi. These apps are designed keeping in mind women safety and incorporate essential features like GPS Tracking, Emergency Contact Numbers, Directions to Safe Locations etc.
      • Raksha
      • Safetipin
      • Himaat
      • Women Safety
      • Smart 24x7
  • Find Like-minded travelers
    Finding like-minded people when you are traveling can make your travel a whole lot easy, enjoyable, and memorable. This way you get to experience and share new things with people that interest you.
  • Be wary of eve-teasing
    Eve-teasing can be very annoying. If you fall prey to it, don’t hesitate to contact the police regarding the same.

For female travellers it is advisable to follow the above tips properly if thinking about travelling to Delhi. These tips not only apply for girls but are equally useful for any traveller, irrespective of any gender. Not just this, you have to be very careful, mindful, and take care of yourselves at all times when travelling from one place to another in Delhi.