Tips to ride bike safely through Hills and Mountains

16/11/2020 By

No doubt, riding through the hills and mountains gives immense pleasure and an enjoyable experience after all who doesn't enjoy fresh air, open roads, and beautiful views. But at the same time, it can be challenging and dangerous as it takes a different set of skills to ride through hills than on city roads. So, here are some good tactics for riding that will help you to safely enjoy the trip.

Tips to Ride Bike Safely in Mountains

    The first and foremost important thing is to ensure that your bike is in a good condition and is suitable for riding through hills and mountains. Check your bike’s tires and tread levels and don't take the brakes for granted as they are the most important safety measure while riding. Make sure that the brake fluid is topped up and you have at least 5-6 mm of brake pad material between the disc and metal caliper before heading up.
    While going up on the mountain using the rear brake of the bike more. Because of the gravity most of a bike’s weight is on the rear wheel and while riding downhill relies more on the front brake. Don’t use the brakes too much as that can cause them to heat up quickly and lose effectiveness.
    Overtaking around a blind corner is a BIG NO. You should never overtake around a bend and especially when it is a blind turn. This is the main reason why most of the accidents occur on hilly roads. Only overtake when you have a good view of the road and there is no traffic. Do not rush and be more patient while riding in the mountains.
    Crossing your lane while driving in hills can be pretty dangerous as the mountain roads are tricky and you can surprise the oncoming drivers. Don't try to go faster as you can lose control and land in the opposite lane. Ride slow and abide by the simple rule of maintaining your lane.
    Don't annoy other drivers by parking your bike around the bends as the hilly roads are narrow and someone may slam into it. Never ever park your motorcycle facing downhill. Look at the surface and loose stones that may fall from above and make sure it is firm and stable or park it facing uphill and leave it in first gear.

It is rightly said that when you gamble with safety, you bet your life. So, follow all the rules and above-given tips to make your mountain riding safe and blissful.