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If you are an adventure enthusiast plus a bike lover and love exploring the capital city, then you’ve come up in the right place. We will help you in getting to know about the top places you can visit in Delhi on a bike. Undoubtedly New Delhi has a lot to be explored. It gives an opportunity to all the bikers for epic bike tours in and around the city. If on the off chance you do not happen to have a bike of your or you wish to ride on a bike of your choice, then hire a bike on rent in Delhi for spectacular yet unforgettable Delhi Bike Tours. Delhi, the capital city has undeniably got a lot on its plate. The type of tour you want to do in Delhi depends solely on your likings: like a historical tour, cultural tour, food tour, or nightlife. Delhi has certainly got countless options for some thrilling bike tours. To begin with, let’s have a look at some places, wherein you can go on for a bike tour in Delhi and get to know more about the city.

  • Qutub Minar

Standing tall at a height of 73m, the Mughal Minaret is the tower of victory which was built by Qutub ud-din Aibak, founder of the Delhi Sultanate in 1193. Roaming around the place will compel you to dwell in India’s vintage architecture and certainly admire it.

  • Lodhi Garden

Spanning over 90 acres Lodhi Garden is located near the Safdarjung Tomb and Khan Market. This beautiful place has Mohammed Shah's Tomb, Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad and architectural build by the Lodhis.

  • Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s tomb is the first garden-tomb of the Indian subcontinent and is renowned for its breathtakingly stunning architecture. The tomb was custom built by Akbar’s son Humayun and is the first structure to be built with the red stone on a massive scale. People travel from around the world to witness the spectacular tomb i.e 47m in height and 91m in breadth.

  • Red Fort

Constructed using red sandstone, Red Fort was the official seat in The Mughal rule. It is one of the marvels of Mughal architecture and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. 

  • Jama Masjid

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Delhi lie Jama Masjid-the largest mosque in Delhi, with a sense of peace and tranquillity.Evenings at Jama Masjid at surreal as you can find a lot of books and food stalls on the steps. The place is an outstanding example of Islamic architecture and was built with a great vision.

  • India Gate

At the center of Delhi lies the 42m high India Gate. Space is surrounded by lush green lawns hence is a popular picnic spot. During the night the place is flocked with people and is also floodlit with fountains making a lovely display with multi and vibrant-hued lights.

  • Akshardham Temple

One of the main attractions of Delhi is Akshardham Temple which is known for its ancient architecture and spiritual beliefs. The temple was made in the memory of Lord Swaminarayanwho was a Yogi and was believed to be the manifestation of God by his followers. 

  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most famous Sikh Gurudwara of Delhi and is known to have an association with the eighth guru of Sikh. You can go there and enjoy calmness and serenity.

  • Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple, as the name suggests, is famous for its unique lotus architecture. Lotus temple is based on a concept that includes all religions as one. The temple is made from 27 marbles that make it look like a Lotus. The temple is such a beauty in itself that it attracts many tourists towards it.

  • Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is known for its scenic view where you can spot a variety of birds and can have a glimpse of deer too. The major attraction of the place is the beautiful lakes where one can enjoy peace and serenity.

  • Agrasen ki Baoli

One of the haunted places in Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli.It is a historical step well on Halley Road and is also referred to as Baori in Hindi. The place is quiet and serene and is a good place for photography.

  • Connaught Place

The place is known as CP amongst the locals, and also the famous Rajiv Chowk. The place has its own elegance and a touch of royalty and also gives a fulfilling shopping experience to all the shopaholics.

  • National Science Centre

Nestled in the vicinity of Pragati Madan ‘National Science Centre’ is one of the largest science centers in Asia. The place is well connected with the metro and is a great place to visit for science enthusiasts and also for children as it brings science a little closer to them and makes it more fun to study further.

  • Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is inevitably the shopper’s paradise. It is a heaven for foodie people. A showy blend of energetic hues and varied cultures, the bazaar is situated in the business focal point of South Delhi, blast inverse to the INA Market.

  • Rashtrapati Bhawan 

There are quite a few instructions you need to follow before planning to visit Rashtrapati Bhawan. Make sure you go through all the instructions thoroughly and adhere to them.

Witness the narrow lanes and watch local business people and feel the soul of Old Delhi. On the contrary, if you wish to see the urban culture of the place, then you can go to shopping malls in Delhi and also try the food of different cuisines from around the world. So, get going, and choose your choice of hot wheels and let the Dilli Darshan begin. Hire a bike on rent and explore Delhi the way you’ve never done before.