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  • Speed Limit 160 km/hr
  • Km Limit NA
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Are you planning to go for a trip like Ladakh, Manali, Spiti, Leh, Rajasthan, Srinagar, etc through bike? And willing to rent a Royal Enfield in Delhi then you are at the right place where you get well maintained royal Enfield bikes at reasonable rates.

At RahulMotoz, there are different royal Enfield bikes are available. The Royal Enfield STANDARD 500, Classic 350, Electra 350, and Himalayan. But among all these bikes the Royal Enfield classic 350 still retains that age-old classic look of the Original Bullet.

If you are a loyal fan of Royal Enfield from ages and wants to get Royal Enfield on rent to enjoy the rides on a majestic bike then this bike can satiate your feeling. Get Royal Enfield Classic 350 on Rent in Delhi and materialize a truly engaging biking experience.

It is similar to the old and traditional bullet yet modern in every way. It offers a significant advantage in terms of no oil leaking, more reliability, and better fuel economy.

Why more people rent Royal Enfield in Delhi for Ladakh, Manali, Spiti, Leh, Rajasthan?

Some reasons why people choose Royal Enfield for Ladakh, Manali, Spiti, Leh, Rajasthan which are as follows:-

  • The best thing about the bike is that it gives the feeling of King when you are riding a Royal Enfield bike
  • When you ride Royal Enfield you get an awesome sound which is attractive and no other bikes come near to Royal Enfield.
  • Royal Enfield bikes are best compatible bikes for road trips to Ladakh, Manali, and many others.
  • The best feature of Royal Enfield is to that it has a good tourer on the highway which makes royal Enfield as the first choice for road trippers.
  • If you are planning to go Ladakh this summer than you should get Royal Enfield on rent for Ladakh trip. You can choose anyone from standard, Electra, classic and Himalayan.

The Royal Enfield bikes are the best bike for Ladakh, Manali, Spiti, Leh, Rajasthan, Srinagar, etc. As you know, Rahul Motoz is a well-known bike rental service provider in Delhi. So as per our experience on bike trips, we always advise our customers to rent Royal Enfield for comfortability and safety

What makes Royal Enfield a better choice to rent?

Some of the reasons why you should rent this Royal Enfield in Delhi for your next tour are as follows:

  • Timeless Styling: Its authentic post-war detailing and time tested performance has made it an all-time favorite for its loyal customers who want to relive the legacy. You can hire royal Enfield classic 350 on rent in Delhi if you are also one of the loyal fans of this bike.
  • Consistent Performance: After so many years of its origin, it still has a maximum pulling power making your ride effortlessly for an uphill and daily commute.
  • Comfort Ride: You can rent Royal Enfield classic 350 for any terrain due to its single saddle seat with springs and an optional pillion seat.


    • - Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke, twinspark, air-cooled
    • - Displacement: 346cc
    • - Maximum power: 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
    • - Maximum torque: 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm
    • - Engine oil: 15 W 50 API, SL grade & above, JASO MA 2
    • - Fuel supply: 29 mm constant vacuum carburettor
    • - Wheelbase: 1370 mm
    • - Length: 2160 mm
    • - Width: 790 mm (without mirrors)
    • - Height: 1090 mm (without mirrors)
    • - Kerb weight: 192 kg (with 90% fuel & oil)
    • - Fuel capacity: 13.5 ltr

Tips on how to rent a Royal Enfield in Delhi

Important tips to be kept in mind before renting a Royal Enfield in Delhi and embarking on your journey:

  • 1. Tyre Pressure Maintaining the right amount of air pressure in both the front and the rear tyre is very essential. If you are taking the bike to hot regions then, in that case, the tyres might heat up and expand which might increase the pressure and hence you will be having a bumpy ride. On the other hand, if you are travelling to cold regions like Ladakh and will also be carrying luggage plus a pillion with you then, in that case, make sure the pressure is 34psi. Depending on the climatic conditions of the place you will be going to, adhere to the pressure ranges for the front and rear tyres of your Royal Enfield. Rear (18″) :- 20 to 26 psi Front (19″) :- 28 to 34 psi
  • 2. Lubrication Try to use premium petrol. If you are intending to take the bike to hills make sure that you keep a regular check on the engine oil, tyre pressure etc. and also ensure that the air setting has been done properly in the carburetor.
  • 3. Chain Ascertain that the chains are a bit loose. As tight chains tend to overheat the bike and hence can damage the sprocket.
  • 4. Speed The ideal speed of a Royal Enfield is 70kmph. Take a test drive before renting a Royal Enfield in Delhi to ensure that the speed is in control. Before renting one ensure from the bike rental company that it gives good mileage and doesn't heat up.

Adhere to these four basic tips mentioned above before renting a Royal Enfield in Delhi for a smooth yet comfortable ride.

Get your Royal Enfield on Rent in Delhi and unleash the rider inside you that too at the most affordable prices. Get in Touch with us.

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