6 Tips To Consider While Riding Your Bike With A Group- Rahulmotoz

6 Tips To Consider While Riding Your Bike With A Group- Rahulmotoz

A motorcycle road trip is truly an exhilarating experience which not only tests your limits but also sedates you with nature’s spellbinding wonders. It rejuvenates your senses and introduces you to your authentic self. Riding solo sounds great because self-discovery is only possible when you are all on your own.

However, if you want to share the journey and create some great memories with other passionate riders along the way, riding with a group would be a great idea. You will get to meet interesting people and also get immediate help if you face any problem on the trip. You can go on a group ride with your friends or you could join other biking clubs who are experienced on the road.

Although riding motorcycle in groups may seem daunting because of the high-risk factor. Without proper information and instructions, inexperienced riders tend to commit mistakes which can lead to a major mishap on the journey. This is why looking out for the group and the traffic is very important while riding with big groups.

So, we wanted to address this issue and provide you with some simple tips which can come handy on your next group ride. These tips will help you evade any mishap on the journey.

1. Conduct A Pre-ride Meeting:

If you are an experienced rider then you already know how important it is to hold a meeting before you embark on the journey. Without proper information about the trip, riders get confused and the group will not stay intact. Everyone in the group must know about where they are going, where they will stop and for how long they will ride.

This will give a clear picture to all the riders about the journey. Also, providing instructions like hand signals, formations, traffic conditions and weather must be all discussed in the meeting. This meeting has to be done before moving because it’s better to sort out all the questions and queries of all the riders in the group.

This not only saves you time but will also ensure safety and convenience on the road. If it is a very big group then segment them into smaller groups of 5 to 7 riders for safety so that each rider takes responsibility for his group. This meeting will provide a proper strategy and tips to know how to act in different situations and scenarios.

2. Decide your formations beforehand:

For the safety of every rider in the group, deciding the formations before the journey is crucial. This means your riding order in the group and the pattern upon which every rider must abide with. We recommend to use a staggered formation, it will not only create more space between each rider but also provide a better view of the road and the traffic around.

Also, every group must have a leader who will maintain the pace of the group and keep an eye out for any interruptions ahead on the road. An experienced rider will navigate and lead his group with sheer excellence. Make sure to choose an experienced rider as your group leader.

Creating a formation beforehand will be respectful for other commuters because they can pass through your group easily without any disruption to you or them. So, keeping sufficient space for other vehicles is also important while you ride with a group.

3. Use Hand Signals:

Prompt communication while riding on the road is critical in order to avoid accidents and other casualties. Hand signals can be a great way to direct and guide other riders for help or to caution them. So, riders must have basic skills at using hand signals to convey simple messages to others in the group.

The leader of your group must be an expert at using hand signals and he must teach them to other riders as well. The front rider will be responsible for making help available to anyone in the group as soon as possible. So, follow the leader and focus on his hand signals while riding on the journey.

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4. Look out for other riders:

Group dynamics will be a decisive factor in the success of your group bike expedition. Being vigilant about the group and to make sure they are keeping up with the pace is a great attitude as a fellow rider. Wait for other riders to arrive while you make a halt on the predetermined stops.

In case of an accident, don’t stop your bike all at once, because you also have other riders behind you. So to avoid more accident, slowly drive towards the side lane and then go help out the rider. If you feel like you are missing out on somebody, stop and wait for them. If you don’t see any signs after quite a few time, ride back to check what has happened.

Do not disrespect other riders by speeding up for no reason, when everybody is maintaining the same pace as the group. Your behavior is your responsibility when riding with a group. Enjoy the ride and help others to enjoy theirs.

5. Carry supplies:

Preparing yourself for the storm is better than waiting for it. Essential supplies like first aid kit, bike tools, extra cash, and other miscellaneous things can be of great relief in case of an emergency. Other riders may forget or ignore this but you need to be responsible and keep yourself equipped to tackle any crisis.

Some other essential you can carry are duct tape, flashlight, sunscreen, eyewear, cellphone, and water. Also, carry food supplies which would be a boon for your tummy if you get stranded on the trip. However, you need to carry different supplies for different climates.

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6. What to do if separated?

Your prime goal on a group ride is to keep the riders intact at all times but it’s not possible sometimes. Riders may get stranded behind and separated from the group due to various reasons. They may have gotten into an accident, traffic may be jammed or they simply couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Whatever the reason may be, you as a leader or a rider should remain calm and not panic. You should continue your trip as discussed in the pre-meeting and stop at the decided spots and wait for the rider who hasn’t arrived yet. If you don’t see the sign even after waiting a while. Then one experienced rider should ride back to check the situation.

If you are separated from the group, you also must know your group won’t just leave you like that. You should try to get out of the problem and join the group as soon as possible. If you can’t solve it then give a call to them and you will receive assistance therein.

Wrapping it up:

Riding with a group may seem a lot more complicated than riding alone but the adventure and thrills you will experience will be worth the trouble at the end of the day. With proper precautions and premeditated practices, you will not only conquer the roads but will also get better in the future group rides you make.

Just take the basics seriously and master it while you ride. If you follow the tips which we have laid down, you will not get into any trouble while you ride with your group. You will not only learn so many skills but also enjoy like never before when you ride with a group.

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