An Extreme Guide To Check A Bike’s Fitness Before Hitting The Road

An Extreme Guide To Check A Bike’s Fitness Before Hitting The Road

8 Steps Guide To Check Your Bike’s Fitness Before Hitting The Road


Riding a motorcycle takes altogether a different set of skills to ensure safety. Apart from following the traffic rules and basic riding sense, ensuring fitness of bike before hitting the road is equally important.

It will always be in the best interest of a rider to make sure that his ride is in good working order before setting out for long journeys. To practice safe and hassle-free riding check the following:-

1. Tyres: Always check the tyres for any cracks or bulges, or any signs of wear in the treads (low tyre pressure or any defects can cause a blowout). Don’t forget to look for cuts, splits or cracks in the tyre. Next check the air pressure as under/over inflation can affect the performance adversely.

2. Oil leakage: Always look under the bike for any signs of oil or gas leaks. Over time, parts in an engine can start to wear out, causing oil leaks. The oil seal between an engine block and the oil pan can get dry and brittle, allowing the oil to seep out, often onto the ground.

3. All set of Lights: Riding in the dark on rough terrains can get even more difficult because of inadequate light. So always make sure that Headlight, Taillight, and Signals are functioning properly. Also, test for high and low beams.

4. Hydraulic and Cooling fluids: The level of Hydraulic and Coolant fluids should be checked timely.

  • Hydraulic clutch fluid should be treated the same as the brake fluid. It should be a light yellow in color. If it is brown, it is time to change the clutch fluid.
  • To ensure long-lasting cooling performance for your bike, use power support and engine specific coolants/antifreeze.

5. Clutch and Throttle: Ensure that the Clutch and Throttle and working

smoothly (throttle should snap back when released)

6. Horn: Test the Horn and its quality.

7. Brakes: Check the firmness of the front and rear brakes.

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