Rent a Bike For Ladakh in Delhi | 7 Things You Must Consider - Rahulmotoz

Rent a Bike For Ladakh in Delhi | 7 Things You Must Consider – Rahulmotoz

Are you waiting for Ladakh to open its roads this season?

Then you must be also planning and researching about it so that you know what you can expect down the line. Recently, bike trips to Ladakh have picked up so much hype around travelers and are gaining a cult following all over the place. Famous for tranquilizing beauty and adventurous landscape, Ladakh pushes riders to experience extreme adventure and fun. Challenging them physically and also mentally.

Ladakh’s roads have got its reputation not only because it has adventurous roads. The scenic beauty is also one of the attractions why these roads have been loved so much. Eye-pleasing snow-capped mountains, with challenging steep curves on narrow roads, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas all over and soothing architecture of monasteries and culture of Buddhism, this place truly is a full package of an expedition for everyone.

Although all this may sound exciting and you feel like rushing to this paradise, you must consider a lot of things before you take the decision of renting a bike and going right away. You must be prepared for the rugged terrains and unpredictable weather of Ladakh.

So, before you rent a bike for Ladakh, consider the following list we have created so that you know what you can expect in this expedition.

1. Mountain Sickness:

One of the most important factor to consider before leaving for this expedition would be acclimatization. The climate in Ladakh is a lot different and unpredictable from where you live right now. Acute mountain sickness will surely hit you at some point of your expedition. So, you must be prepared for this condition because being at a high elevation and low oxygen levels of land may not be something normal for you. This can cause severe headaches, vomiting, tiredness, trouble sleeping, and dizziness which will not let you get the most out of your journey.

So, do proper research about this and then only embark on this journey. If you want to know more about this you can contact us at RahulMotoz. We provide bikes on rent in Delhi for Ladakh expedition at affordable prices and will also guide you throughout your journey.

2. Check the Bikes:

Whether you rent a bike or take your own personal bike, giving a basic check up on the bike is a must because Ladakh has one of the most challenging roads both for the rider and the bike. So, once you have the bike with you, do the following checks on your bike so that you don’t get stranded during the expedition and to have a full proof journey.

  • Firstly check its chain set and see if the sprocket teeth are pointed and the chain is rusty or not because you need to replace and get a new one if this is the case.
  • Then check its engine to see if there is no bad bearings and loose valves.
  • Check its tires because they shouldn’t have cracks and should have optimum tread.
  • Also, check the brakes of the machine. Brakes must be strong and powerful.
  • Check its self-starter and also other electricals like headlights and other electrical aspects of the bike.

3. Phone Connectivity:

Phone connectivity on your expedition is very important because you never know what crisis you may come across. So, if you don’t want to face any connectivity problems in Ladakh then get a postpaid connection in your phone. In Jammu & Kashmir, prepaid connection from the outer state do not work. So, it is best advised you get a BSNL, Airtel or Vodafone Postpaid Connection because these are the only service providers in Ladakh. Also, a lot of places in Ladakh may not catch up with a strong network on mobile so you must make sure you make all your important calls beforehand.

If you want detailed information on this then you can contact us at RahulMotoz. We will guide you about the expedition and also provide you the most affordable bikes on rent in Delhi for your expedition to Ladakh.

4. Proper Health Checkup:

A wise man said, “Precaution is better than Cure”, is true to its core. This kind of extreme adventure tours can be a challenge for you both physically and mentally. You must prepare and make an effort to take a thorough medical check-up. You shouldn’t go on this journey even if you have mild sickness as it will only deteriorate your health. Start simple cardio and jogging for a week before you embark on the expedition so that you season your body. Also, carry a medical aid kit and your medications if you’re taking any. Your health is the most important thing you must consider in this journey.

5. Ride Attentively:

Since you are not in your state or your home, you must maintain decorum and also take caution while you ride around the roads. You need to be attentive while riding and maintain a slow and sturdy speed for your own safety and others as well. You really need to be cooperative with the locals and should listen to them as well. Sometimes ice fall onto the roads and it may get slippery, so keep a good eye on the roads and do not get distracted by the scenic beauty. Health care in Ladakh can take time to reach you so you must be an experienced rider on this type of risky roads.

We at Rahul Motoz provide you with proper instructions on the road and what to expect on the journey as well. We also provide the best fleet of bikes on rent in Delhi which is Ladakh ready at affordable rates.

6. Be Well Equipped:

A trip to Ladakh is one of the toughest journeys you will ever take. You can’t just wear what you normally wear on every other bike trip. First of all, you need warm inners and also other clothing must be able to fight the cold. You need proper biking gloves, jackets and guards to protect you on the journey. Don’t go wearing a sports shoe, rather buy a bike riding shoe or heavy-duty shoes. Also, carry a medical aid kit with you so that you can treat yourself on the go. As you never know when you could get stranded due to roadblocks, take some handy foods like dry fruits or other foods which can give you instant energy and are easy to carry as well.

At Rahul Motoz you can not only rent a bike in Delhi but also we provide you with biking equipment like riding gloves, jacket and elbow, and knee guard also at affordable rates.

7. Prepare To Get Stranded:

Although most may say Ladakh is an abode of paradise but this paradise also has a darker side to it. With extreme weather and natural calamities happening every now and then, it also seems like an uninviting place sometimes. Landslides, Snow Slides, flash floods a, d other calamities are normal in Ladakh and this can cause numerous roadblocks. So, during your journey as well you have to face such situations and get stranded in the middle. Your expedition might have to get extended due to this very reason.

So, do not ignore this point and prepare yourself with all the necessary things you may need if you get stranded during your journey.


We prepared this list from our own experience and also experiences from our customers. Even the thought of going on a bike trip to Ladakh may be blissful but you also need to be prepared for all the uninviting features of this paradise. This article will help you to consider a lot of things before embarking on the expedition although keep looking because you can only expect the unexpected in Ladakh. If you liked this article share it with those who are struggling with how they can rent a bike and go on this journey to paradise.


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