Which bike is best for Ladakh trip Bullet or Sports Bike?

Which Bike Is Best For Leh Ladakh Trip Bullet Or Sports Bike?

Whenever you get to hear about a trip to Ladakh, it is mostly a bike trip.’ Land of high passes’ as it is renowned, is adorned with magnanimous Himalayan ranges, picturesque panoramic views, blue gleaming skies and beauty all around. Nestled amidst the snow-clad white mountains this region has zig-zagged motorable roads that run high along with your adrenaline rush on your road trip to Ladakh. With the onset of summers, Ladakh welcomes tourists till sublime autumn. Offering, one of its kind experiences filled with packed adventures, and giving you the opportunity to explore all the adventures, don a leather jacket and ride on a bike to Ladakh.

Let us assume that you will be embarking on this journey from Delhi, so if you do not have a Bike of your own, then you will have to either borrow one or rent one. Bike rentals in Delhi are trending these days as riders get to ride their choice of wheels for their dream trip. Now the thought that ponders in the mind of every biker is which bike is best for Ladakh trip Bullet or Sports Bike? Let us get you through a thorough analysis of which bike is best suitable for a Ladakhi Bike Expedition.

Taking into account the views of many riders who have been in the past to Ladakh we’ve come up with some helpful solutions for the newbies. If you are travelling to Ladakh via Srinagar route then any bike would be easy to go. But if you intend to travel to Ladakh from Manali route then you will have to choose wisely with the choice of wheels you opt for.

Sports Bikes

These are usually not considered suitable for riding to Ladakh because of the following limitations:

  • Rugged Terrains of Manali route will damage the belly pan of the bike resulting in scratches on the fenders.
  • The rider cannot travel with a pillion.
  • Luggage to be carried should be very light.
  • You may face the situation of engine shutdown because of carburettor fuel delivery system
  • Prominently in a sports bike, riders tend to lean forward because of the seating arrangement of the bike is that way, which results in back and shoulder pain.
  • Don’t even think of off-roading on these bikes.

Royal Enfield Bullet

On the other hand, is the best one can opt for, for a bike trip to Ladakh because of the following factors it has:

  • No bike like it, to take to Ladakh. The 350cc or 500cc big engines gives it a cutting edge for a bike trip to Ladakh.
  • You can travel with a pillion without worrying about huff and puff at steep ascents.
  • You can carry a sufficient amount of luggage with you.
  • Good suspension and seating position makes it a comfortable ride for both the rider and pillion.
  • You do not have to worry about the belly pan and scratches on the fenders in the case of a Bullet Bike ride.

As certain all the above-mentioned points before choosing your bike for an adventure-packed trip to Ladakh. Make sure you are carrying fuel with you, in case your bike has a low-tank capacity. Ensure your safety by choosing wisely your ride to the ‘Land of Lamas’.

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