What is the best month to explore Delhi?

What Is The Best Month To Explore Delhi?

Delhi -The Capital City has stunned us each and every time with its profound everlasting beauty. The place has rich cultural diversity, beautiful monuments, brilliant architecture, and historic stories of valor. Being the capital city of India, Delhi is the most popular tourist destination and also a hub for various corporate meetings. The city has got a lot on its plate to offer to the tourists to witness, thereby leaving them with memories that they can cherish throughout their life. When work takes you places, you have no other option than to go, no matter if the weather conditions of that very particular place you will be visiting are favorable or not, you are bound to travel in any season. So, the corporates do not have any other option than coming to Delhi when work calls.

On the contrary, if you are a tourist, you should think wisely before embarking on your journey to Delhi. A tourist should visit Delhi when the climate and weather conditions of the place are at their best. A favorable climate makes things very smooth and in return imparts cheerful memories to the tourists. This way the tourists can enjoy the cultural and historic beauty of the place pretty well.

You can explore Delhi throughout the year but the best time to visit Delhi are winter and monsoon season. You get everything during this time period if you really want your journey to Delhi memorable.

Best Time to Explore Delhi

  • October
  • November
  • February
  • March

During these months the weather is pleasant and hence this time period is considered as the best time to visit Delhi as it also offers an enjoyable experience for the tourists. The city draws tourists from all over the world to witness its spectacular yet paramount beauty, rich heritage and culture, and timeless architecture. Apart from this, the city has also got to offer nightlife experiences, to the youth of our present generation. If you intend to take your kid for an educational recreation then you can also plan to pay a visit to the Science Centre or Nehru Planetarium.

There are many other fun-filled adventurous activities for you to do in Delhi. It’s just that you need the perfect combination of good weather, a nice company, and definitely a good place and how can you forget the perfect hot wheels or a bike of your choice for a day full of fun and enjoyment.

Explore Delhi during October and November

In October month the temperature in Delhi ranges between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and in November there is a further drop in the temperature of the place i.e between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The pleasant climate of the place attracts tourists from around the world to witness its spectacular beauty.

Explore Delhi during February and March

The city has pleasant temperatures during February and March months as well. The mild climate of the place during these months attracts tourists from all over the world and is considered the best time to visit Delhi throughout the year. Light Woolens or full sleeves uppers can be worn.

Explore Delhi in Summer Months i.e (April-June)

If on the off chance you are not able to plan your trip during preferable months mentioned above to visit Delhi i.e either February and March or October and November, then just be prepared to experience the extremely hot weather conditions in summer months. The temperature might go up to 45 degrees during this time and May and June are usually considered the hottest months in Delhi. So, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and wear light clothes if you will be exploring Delhi during summers.

Explore Delhi in Monsoon i.e (July-September)

The arrival of Monsoon in Delhi is a big sigh of relief for all the people living in Delhi and also for the people who intend to travel to explore the city during monsoon season. Monsoon sets in July and lasts till mid-September. Monsoon showers proffer a relieving effect thereby giving you an enjoyable yet memorable travel experience in Delhi. It is recommended to wear light clothes in monsoon as well.

Explore Delhi in December and January

During the winter months i.e December and January there is a significant fall in the temperature of Delhi. The temperature drops to the lowest 1 degree at times. Hence, if you are planning to explore Delhi in the winter months i.e from December to February onwards, it is advisable to wear woolen clothes.

What is the best way to explore Delhi?

The weather conditions in Delhi has its own extremes. The place has a too hot or too cold type of climate throughout the year. Delhi draws tourists from all over the world to witness and enjoy the beauty of this magnificent place.

Exploring the city in winter has its own charm. There can be several possible ways of commutation in Delhi if you plan to hop from one place to another and roam about the city. Some of the convenient yet possible mode of transport in Delhi are:

Public Transport

Public Transport in Delhi includes Metro Services and the Public Bus Services. Most of the tourist places are covered by metro stations. Therefore, make sure you map your desired locations with the metro map. Even a bus service can help you save a lot of time. For better routing, you can use google maps and look for bus number suggestions there. If you wish to commute within markets like Sarojini Nagar, Chandni Chowk then you can use cycle rickshaw.

Bike Rental

Without any doubt, there is nothing better than riding to a place of your choice on your choice of bike. There are numerous options available for bike rentals in Delhi. Just make sure you choose the right bike rental company in Delhi for a smooth and enjoyable experience while exploring Delhi. Before hiring a bike on rent, ensure that you’ve checked the reviews of the Bike Rental Company. Hiring a bike on rent in Delhi, to roam about the city is certainly going to fill up with lots of unforgettable yet wonderful experiences that you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

Car Rentals

Renting a car is yet another option, you can opt for when planning to explore the capital. You might find many affordable car rentals companies in Delhi, but it is quite a task to roam around the city on a four-wheeler, that is crowded at all times’.This is certainly going to take a toll on your time, as you will waste a lot of your time sitting in the car while there is traffic on the roads.

So, make sure you prioritize your requirements properly and then make a decision for the mode of commutation you wish to opt for depending on your preferences and likings. Also, a trip to Delhi should be planned, keeping in mind the weather conditions of the place. Some weeks between December to January should be avoided because of the dense smog cover in Delhi during these weeks. Rest October to November and February to March are the perfect times to explore the beauty of the Capital City-Delhi. Ascertain to take care of the above-mentioned tips before embarking on your journey to explore Delhi. Start planning and make the most of your free time by getting to know your capital territory well.

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