Terms and conditions

  • Timing for pick up & drop: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm (if late drop of the bike is needed, last time would be till 8.30 pm for which Rs. 500 per bike has to be paid)
  • A third party insurance is provided & any sought of claim for the motorcycle will not be covered even if the bike is stolen or for any damage.
  • Minimum age for renting a bike is 19 Years.

  • Security Deposit

    • Scooty: Rs 2000 + Original Aadhar card/Voter Icard)+ Driving License copy(Driving license will be verified in original original)
    • Motorcycles:

    There are 4 options for security deposit. Customer needs to select one out of these three.

    1. Zero Cash Deposit – Post-Dated Cheque (Customer’s own cheque) + Original Passport + Copy of Driving License
    2. Rs. 3,000 cash + Post-Dated Cheque + Copy of Driving License + Any govt ID proof (Adhar Card or Voter ID).
    3. Rs. 3,000 cash + original passport + copy of license.
    4. Rs 5000 + Original Aadhar card/Voter Icard) + Driving License copy(Driving license will be verified in original original)

    Post Dated Cheque: It’s a normal cheque with a date of 5 days after your trip is ending. Since, no bank accepts a postdated cheque, hence it’s just taken as a security and is returned immediately when a customer returns the bike. The cheque will have a bike insured value.


    Note: If the customer doesn’t come prepared with these documents, it will be treated as a no show and no refund will be made for that booking.


    Prior to making a booking, we kindly request that you thoroughly review and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions outlined on our website.

  •  Any type of police challan is paid by the customer.
  •  Servicing of bike is mandatory every 1500 kms.
  •  Engine oil to be used: m 15w50 for royal enfield & 20w40 for other bikes to be used.
  • Top up of engine oil is mandatory if the oil is less during the tenure bike is with the customer.
  • In no respect the bike should be driven with less engine oil – at the time of returning the bike if the engine oil is less and any sought of damage will be customer responsibility.
  • It is the duty of the customer to check the bike properly at the time of pick up of the bike, else rahul motoz/rahul motors will not be responsible for any sought of damage or problems in the motorcycle.
  • Any sought of spare parts taken has to be returned if not used. charges has to be paid if spare parts are used.
  • 250 kms per day limit is allowed for each bike and after 250 kms rs. 7/-km will be charged.
  • 1 helmet complimentary: for extra helmets rs.50/- per day rent has to be paid.
  • Exceeding no. of days will attract a penalty of rs. 500/- per day and rent charges would be double for each day.
  • Once the customer has taken the bike, rent of the bike or scooty is not refundable in any case.
  • If you are travelling to ladakh, please note that rental bikes are not allowed in the inner line areas. you will have to rent bikes from there if you wish to visit the inner line areas
  • The security deposit amount will be refundable when the Customer return the motorcycle to the Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors in its office.
  • All the expenses of transport to bring the motorcycle back to premises of the Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors will be beared by the Customer.
  • The Customer will be fully legally responsible for motorcycle maintenance accident, road tax and police fine after taking the delivery and also for its misuse of any kind.
  • The Customer has to check up the motorbikes and taken test ride of the motorbike and checked up all the functions and is fully satisfied at the time of delivery.
  • The Customer should have a valid driver’s license, a valid International Driver’s License and adequate insurance coverage for the duration of the tour.
  • The Customer is responsible for daily motorcycle functional check.
  • The Customer is liable for any subsequent damage due to negligence to perform daily check of oil/ battery/ tyre air pressure/ drive chain tension/ electrical points etc. The Customer is liable for servicing of motorcycle after 1500 km .
  •  That the Customer must be aware of the traffic/ roads, weather and other conditions.
  • Customer understand and fully accept those risks will be solely responsible for keeping their motorcycle under control at an appropriate speed and obeying Indian law.
  • As a rider the Customer will be solely responsible for his/ her choice of riding style and speed whether accompanied by a guide or riding solo.
  • The Customer shall not:-
    • Permit the motorcycle to be used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward. operate in any race, speed test rally or contest.
    • Sublet or hire the motorcycle to any other person.
    • Permit the motorcycle to be operated outride his or her authority.
    • Operate the motorcycle or permit it to be operated in circumstances that constitute an offence by the driver (which relates to driving or attempting to drive with execs breath or blood alcohol or under influence of alcohol or drugs).
    • Operate the vehicle or permit to be operated for transport of more than the number of passenger or more than the weight of goods specified in the certificate of loading for the motorcycle.
  • Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors as the PROVIDER of the motorcycle shall have the right to terminate the having and take immediate possession of the vehicle if the Customer fails to comply with any of the terms of this contract agreement or if the motorcycle is damaged.
  • The termination of the hiring under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the other rights of the Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors and the rights of the Customer under this agreement or otherwise.
  • If the Customer leave or fail to complete the tour for any reason then he/ she must make their own arrangement for transportation lodging and motorcycle return to the office/ workshop of M/ s RAHUL MOTORS/Rahul Motoz at his own cost.
  • Any recovery or salvage expenses for returning the motorcycle to the Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors will be charged to the Customer account or deducted from the Security deposit.
  • That all the damages to the motorcycle, while it is in the custody of Customer will be charged on actual basis and will have to be paid in cash/online. This includes additional service charges if the motorcycle is in the custody of Customer for more days that those mentioned in the package deal.
  • That the Customer will pay up the cost of maintenance and any replacement of the spare parts during the days the motorbike is with him.
  • Any dispute arising out of this contract will be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
  • Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors is not liable for any penalty to any terms and conditions of law of governs of any jurisdiction for the handling of the motorcycle in the custody of Customer.
  • That in case of any mis happening , injury with the Customer in the stipulated period then the Rahul Motoz/Rahul Motors will be not responsible for the same.