Unexplored (Offbeat) Places for Bike Trip in India

Unexplored (Offbeat) Places for Bike Trip in India?

Thinking of taking a bike trip to India? Well, for a massive country like India, it is difficult to trim down some beautiful places but still, we’ve tried our best in presenting to you the list of top 6 destinations that you can explore on a bike trip in India. Let us take you through the list of the best-unexplored places for bike trips in India.

Offbeat Destinations for Bike Trip in India

  • Manali-Leh
    Distance: 479 km
    The Manali-Leh bike trip in India is a dream of many adventure seekers. It is a bucket list kind of bike trip and its beauty cannot be put into words. The best time to travel is summer to mid-October. The journey takes about 2 days with a stopover for rest and acclimatization.


  • Shimla-Manali via Mandi
    Distance: 250 km
    Relax and unwind as you take one of the most satisfying and pleasurable bike trips in India with River Beas trudging alongside. What a Himachal Trip, if you didn’t make a stopover and played in the chilled water of the river. The journey takes around 5-6 hours to complete, but it is worthwhile.


  • Shimla-Manali via Kinnaur & Spiti
    Distance: 645km
    Well, in comparison to going via Mandi, this is one of the more recommended routes for a bike trip from Shimla to Manali via Kinnaur and Spiti. It takes around 4-5 days to cover the stretch including stopovers. On this route, you will have a close encounter with mother nature and you will get to feel what real beauty actually is.


  • Delhi-Agra via Expressway
    Distance: 233km
    For all the bike trip enthusiasts, looking forward to taking a short bike trip, this has got to be your choice. We all know that the Yamuna Expressway is probably one of the best highways and who wouldn’t want to ride on the smooth highway and enjoy the amazing side views it has got to offer. The journey takes around 4 hours.


  • Delhi-Jaipur
    Distance: 281 km
    Enjoy the beautiful views of the Aravallis on both sides as you take a bike trip from Delhi and Jaipur. The roads are in good condition and it takes around 6 hours to reach the destination. This bike trip in India is a must as you get to see the colorful cultures of our country.


  • Delhi-Shimla
    Distance:342 km
    For it’s true to say that there is nothing in the world that can beat the beauty of a bike trip to Delhi. The mighty Himalayas all around and the cold air gushing over your face, trust us the feeling is absolutely eternal. It takes around 7 hours to cover this stretch.
    The bike trips discussed above are one of the most famous and best ones. One must definitely take these at least once in their lifetime to experience what our country has got to offer us. Explore as much as you can, for India is a country with many different cultures, attitudes, and facets and has got a lot to experience.
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