Tips for an enjoyable Bike Rental experience in Delhi

Tips for an enjoyable Bike Rental experience in Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital territory has undoubtedly got a myriad of places for both tourists and locals to explore. The city attracts tourists from far and wide and offers them a plethora of activities to do from sightseeing the most enchanting places to visit temples, monuments, museums, etc. or even enjoying the nightlife in the capital. Apart from sightseeing, the place has an endless number of options for people keen on treating their soul with the most heavenly yet delicious food.

The city is inhabited with numerous varieties of food joints that offer the most lip-smacking food and also gives you an opportunity to tickle your taste buds with the local authentic food of Delhi. The city has got everything covered under one roof from historical places to swarming markets or shopping centers, from lush green patios to seething cyber centers, from flocking streets to broad wide roads. One can choose any mode of transport to travel and explore this magnanimous yet captivating place. But there won’t be any other fascinating way of exploring this city than on a bike.

Not only does this help you beat the Delhi traffic rather seems to be a cherished joy for all the bike enthusiasts. If on the off chance you don’t seem to possess a bike, then you can certainly hire a bike on rent from any bike rental company in Delhi and can discover the capital ‘Delhi on your choice of hot wheels.

Ascertain the below-mentioned 7 points to ensure an enjoyable yet memorable bike rental experience in Delhi.

You should have a license.

Make sure you possess a legal license before intending to rent a bike in Delhi. Owning a two-wheeler legal license is a must not only because of legal reasons but for ensuring the safety of the rider. Make sure you carry your two-wheeler legal license always with you when riding a bike on Indian Roads.

Choose bikes that match your ability

Don’t get drawn by stylish and speedy bikes. As those bikes are not really that much more comfortable to ride. You should always rent a bike that matches your ability and delivers you a smooth yet comfortable experience.

Do proper inspection about the whereabouts of the bike

Before hopping on your bike of rent, do a proper inspection of the whereabouts of the bike, if need be, take pictures of the bike, the moment you get your bike. Check for tyres, engine, brakes, instruments panel and lights for any damage. Just make sure that the bike is in perfect driveable before renting it out.

Do not decide based on rental rates

It has been noticed that bikes that are low on rental rates tend to be less roadworthy. So never hire a bike on rent in Delhi based on the rental rates. These bikes usually have more miles on the clock, so take this into consideration before renting one.

Check if they are providing you with protective gear.

Having protective gear is a must to ensure the safety of both rider and pillion. Also, make sure the protective gear is in good condition because safety should always be your first priority.

Take a Test-Drive

Now that you’ve checked for almost everything, just hop on the bike and take a test drive. Taking a test drive gives you an idea of how your riding experience will be.

Compare the prices of online and offline rentals

If you wish to crack the best deal, make sure you compare the prices for both online and offline rentals. Also, this gives you an idea of the reputation of the company in the market and also if you are hiring a bike on rent, assure that you check online reviews of the riders in the past before renting one.

Now that you are all set to explore the magnificent capital city, just make sure you choose the best two wheels or hire the best bike on rent in Delhi to discover and embrace the beauty of Delhi.

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