Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Why Riders Prefer Royal Enfield “Bullet” On A Trip To Leh/ladakh

Those Facebook Posts have troubled you enough already every now and then when you saw someone showing off their trip to Ladakh on a Royal Enfield. But what is the hype though?.  Riders have always preferred Royal Enfield “Bullet” over all the other regular bikes, not just technically but also because of it’s killer classic looks. It simply sways away people into fantasies, in a good way though. Royal Enfield is one brand which has gained a cult following around passionate riders. It has made a special place in the hearts of all travelers who love the thrill of bike expeditions. Although when asked why is Royal Enfield their first choice, they cannot accumulate enough reasons to justify their love for it. So, We wanted to fill this gap now and give you the reasons why you should choose Royal Enfield on your next trip to Ladakh.

1. Reliability At Its Peak

Although in the old days Royal Enfield motorcycles were labeled to be unreliable due to quality related issues. But those days are gone because modern day Royal Enfields are nothing like they used to be in the past. With World Class Manufacturing systems supported by AI in producing these Motorcycles, the end product is no doubt one of a kind. The Engines of Royal Enfield is much more advanced with the introduction of the Unit Construction Engine (UCE). This has given Outlasting durability to these bikes. You get 3000 KMs of the service interval and Warranty on 24000 KM traveled on Royal Enfield bikes today which is by far the best in the game as of now.

2. Super Comfortable

A trip to Ladakh may sound blissful but those back pains are not so blissful though. Bike Ride and back pains have a deep relationship although Royal Enfields are quite different in this story. They know the story so they make their bikes Super Comfortable. With Suspensions softly sprung and with an extra set of springs in their classic range of bikes, your expedition will be a breeze of blissfulness. Royal Enfield Bikes provide you with an upright seating position with your legs parallel on the ground and your arms gently resting on the handlebar, definition of comfort.  They may not be the fastest bikes out there but we can assure you that they are one of the most comfortable ones.

3. Love For Its Customers

Royal Enfield just loves its customers because we haven’t seen any other brand engaging this actively with its customers. They not only Participate but also organize massive events all throughout the country. You must have heard of Ridermania, ReUnion, Tour of Tibet and many other international events. This is the reason you get troubled with Facebook posts of people with Royal Enfield because they create so much hype on the ground that it reflects on Social Media as well.  But whatever it may be, we love it when Motorcycles Brands like Royal Enfield connect with their customers in a deeper way.

4. Customization Beyond Limits

Royal Enfield’s popularity is not merely due to its social media hype. People genuinely love what the company is doing with its bikes. One brand which has been so much open about customization is Royal Enfield and they live up to that. To promote customization they release factory custom models and also team up with modders to create custom products to showcase in their showrooms.  Their bikes are blank sheet canvas. There are no limits to what these bikes can be turned into. The youth craze is undeniable due to this because everybody has a chance to stand out from the rest. Royal Enfield even encourages people from all over the world to customize their bikes because customization is only contributing to their escalating growth.

5. Classic Timeless Designs

We see motorcycles which have a retro look but although they don’t run like a classic machine. That comes as a big disappointment because they miss that “Thump” which classic bikes are famous about Royal Enfield not only looks retro but also works like a classic machine giving you that thump feel which is not only thrilling but soothing at the same time. Although when we say classic machine we don’t mean old technology. Modern Royal Enfield does use classic machines but in a much more refined way. The material and components used to make Royal Enfield bikes are much more advanced than the previous models. So, this comes as a great package when someone is a fan of real bike riding experience.

A wise man said after coming back from mountains, ”Experience the world. You are not here just to make money”. So, What are you waiting for then? Mountains will not take your expeditions, you have to conquer them. Kick that starter and feel the thump of Royal Enfield on your next trip to Ladakh with experiences of a lifetime. Get Going!.

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