How To Choose The Best Bike On Rent For Leh-ladakh Road Trip

How To Choose The Best Bike On Rent For Leh-ladakh Road Trip?

If you want to experience a bike trip of a lifetime and also do it while riding safely then you must give this article a read. To make your Leh Ladakh road trip a memorable one, the type of bike you choose plays a crucial role to save you during a crisis on the road.

Especially when you are tackling those treacherous roads of the Himalayas, it becomes of your utmost responsibility to choose the best bike on rent for Leh Ladakh which suits you and the environment. It’s more about the comfort and feels than just the super looks of the bike.

Also, when you are renting a bike, you need to take extreme caution while selecting and inspecting the bike for your long trip. As getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is not what you expect from your bike.

By any means, select a bike which can help you prevent all obstructions during the trip. We at Rahul Motoz saw this serious problem which was affecting many people while they were enjoying their bike trips.

So, to wise one up we have laid down some factors you must consider before you rent a bike for your Leh Ladakh road trip.

1.  Comfort:

‘Selecting a bike just for its killer looks won’t be enough because that doesn’t determine the level of comfort it provides the rider. An uncomfortable bike can cause you muscle cramps or totally burn out your body.

With comfortable seating positions and high-density foamed seats on the bikes, your road trip will be a breeze for your body. Also, a strong suspension on the bikes will help you to absorb the bumps and intense jolts which come while riding Off-Road.

Bikes like Royal Enfield 500 and especially the Himalayan are built for tackling the rugged terrains of Himalayas. So, you can consider these bikes for your comfort.

2. Safety:

A bike which provides you with impeccable safety can save you from dangerous situations big time. The first thing which must come on your mind before taking a bike on rent should be its safety on the roads. So, give a thorough check up on the bike to find any loopholes.

Check the chainset and see if it is rusted or not because then it needs to be replaced. Then check the engine to see if there is no bad bearings and loose valves. Also, Check its tires because they shouldn’t have cracks and should have optimum tread.

What you could do after that is, take it on a test drive, see if the brakes are strong enough to stop in emergencies. Lastly check other electrical components like the self-starter, headlights and another electrical element which are crucial while you ride a bike.

If you happen to be in Delhi or want to start your journey to the Himalayas from Delhi, then visit us at RahulMotoz. We provide the best quality and regularly maintained bikes on rent in Delhi.

3. Mileage:

Although you are paying for the bike and other facilities which comes with the rental, you still have to pay for the fuel from your own pocket. So, a mileage of at least 30-35 liters per kilometer would be best to cut your cost on the trip.

Choosing a bike with a below average mileage would be a big bummer on your budget. This is the best place where you can save up some cash if you are going on a week or two of a trip.

So, make sure you check the mileage of the bike online or ask the rental owner beforehand about the specifications of the bike.

4. Reliability:

This is a major factor you must consider before renting a bike for your Leh Ladakh road trip because, for everything you pay, its reliability really matters. You should be able to trust the machine that it won’t die on you in the journey.

Before renting any bike, you must check its background and see the kind of trust companies have put on their bikes. You can figure out that by seeing the warranty and guarantees they claim about their machines.

Royal Enfield especially has received a lot of praise for their impeccable reliability on whatever kind of roads it may be. So, if you are thinking of taking a Royal Enfield on rent in Delhi for Ladakh then you should check out our services at

5. Looks Won’t Harm Anybody:

We firmly agree that it’s not just about the looks at all. You need to consider the comfort, safety, and many other precautions while choosing a bike on rent. However, why not find which balances everything with perfection.

Driving the daunting Himalayas in style is a dream for every passionate rider. Riding on a classic retro-styled machine would cause no harm to anyone if the bike is also well equipped internally.

Classic bikes like the Royal Enfield “Bullet” Himalayan, classic 350 are some of our best recommendations for stylish bikes for your trip. If you are a fan of adrenaline then Duke KTM 200 is also a beast with modern design.


A road trip on a bike has become a rage in recent times and it doesn’t look like it would go out of fashion anytime soon. It’s the thrill and the freedom, passionate riders get to feel which they just can’t get enough of. It has become the best way to explore and unwind from the daily routine life in recent times.

This article would help you in making the right decision to rent a bike if you don’t own one. If you have any further issues or queries you can always visit us at RahulMotoz, we are waiting to solve all your problems. Also if you want to rent a bike in Delhi at affordable rates and hassle-free services do consider visiting us once.

It is of our utmost priority to provide a memorable experience for you in your journey.

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