How To Pack Smart On A Bike Trip To Ladakh?

How To Pack Smart On A Bike Trip To Ladakh?

How to pack smart for a road trip to Ladakh, things to carry when bike touring, ultimate packing guide when going to Ladakh all these are the most searched queries on the net when you are planning a trip to Leh-Ladakh. Packing for a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh is definitely not the same as packing for your small trip. A smart and comprehensive packing guide needs to be followed when you are planning a trip to Ladakh by bike. While most of the essential things are available in Leh town but we should make sure that we carry things beforehand to avoid any further hustle and bustle. Ladakh is indeed a paradise on Earth exhibiting its spellbinding and breathtaking beauty at its best. You would definitely not like to mess things up and spoil your mood if you forget to carry anything which is quite essential. So below mentioned is an ultimate checklist for your Ladakh trip which you will like to follow and make the most out of your trip by enjoying its picturesque beauty and so on.

1. Documents

This will include:- Driving License,Motorcycle Insurance Papers, Medical Insurance Card, Secondary ID(voter card or pan card ), List of important contacts, a map. Carry the original PUC Certificate in your jacket.

2. Essential Clothing and Footwear

Shirts (2-3), t-shirts (4-5), sweatshirts, sweater, caps, underwear/vests (4 to 5 pairs), warm inners, pyjamas, jeans (2), riding pants, riding jacket, handkerchiefs (4 to 5), socks, a pair of slippers (for hotel use and roaming about),boots.

3. Emergency Medication

Diamox (most commonly used medicine for dealing with altitude sickness in Leh), Disprin and Aspirin, mild analgesics, oxygen cylinder,cold, cough, flu and other medicines

4. Toilet Articles

Facewash,soap,paper soap, toothbrush,toothpaste,comb,toilet paper,body wash.

5. First Aid Kit

Bandaids, antiseptic liquid, moov or volini, antiseptic ointment,anti allergy eye drops, cotton,

6. Gadgets and Electronics

Don’t forget to carry chargers for all the gadgets you are planning to carry like mobile phones, power banks and cameras.

7. Accessories

Gloves,UV Sunglasses,Full face helmet with a clear visor, riding jacket,riding pants, riding shoes.

8. Motorcycle Essentials

OEM Toolkit, spare motorcycle key, engine oil, tyre irons and valve key, tubeless puncture repair kit, spark plug, chain link.

9. Money

Make sure you carry enough amount of cash with you. As you would not want to waste time in withdrawing money and also there are very few ATMS’s up.

10. Mobile Phone Connectivity.

Only postpaid connections work in and beyond Leh. Only postpaid BSNL connections work beyond Leh, so buy one.

11. Other Essentials

Sunscreen lotion, glucose, lip balm, mustard oil, couple of water bottles, essential medicines, light snacks to munch on.

How to pack?

All these things can be packed in a saddle bag or a tank bag. Don’t forget to carry a day bag, which can be used in the daytime while you are shopping or sightseeing to carry a water bottle and other stuff. Ensure that you take a bag from a good make like Via Terra so that your stuff remains safe and sound. If you take bags of low quality they may tend to tear apart and you’ve not even travelled a couple of 100 kilometres.

Pack everything first in plastic bags then keep them in your saddle bag. Doing this will ensure that if by any chance there is any leakage it will not ruin your clothes or any other stuff and also make sure to pack food, essential spare and tools at the top of your bag or wherever they are easily accessible.

Hoping that you found all the above-mentioned tips on how to pack smart for your next bike trip useful. Happy Lehing.

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