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Tips For Renting A Bike For First Timers- A Complete Guide- Rahulmotoz

If you are planning to rent a bike in Delhi, there are a few things you need to be aware of beforehand. You should know what type of bike is best for you? How do you make sure your bike is of the right size for you? What are the rules surrounding bike rentals? Do you have a license? All these queries might come up while you are planning to rent a bike. But don’t worry here are some noteworthy tips on choosing, planning, and going on your first bike tour.

1. Analyze Your Capabilities Properly

Analyzing his/her driving capabilities is very essential for any individual. Don’t overestimate your ability level, always choose a bike based on your capability rather than ambition.

2. Documentation Required For Renting a Bike

There are some rules set by the renting companies for renting a bike in Delhi, you need to have a proper set of documents with you. This includes having a Driving License and an ID Proof (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport)

3. An Exhaustive Evaluation Of The Vehicle To Be Rented

Do a thorough inspection of the bike before you plan to rent it. Always check the tyres for tread and damage and oil tank for leaks. Never ever forget to check the condition of indicators and light and make sure that they are in proper working condition. Most importantly, check the brakes.

4. Test Drive Before Renting One

To avoid any problems ahead, you can also opt to take a test drive of the bike. Taking a test drive of the bike gives you an idea about the working condition of the bike and if you are comfortable riding that vehicle or not.

5. Carry Your Helmet

Always make sure that you are carrying your helmet. If you are not carrying make certain you arrange it for yourself either from the company itself or anywhere else. If anyone is accompanying you, make certain he/she also has a helmet.

6. Extra Costs

All the fuel cost, toll taxes, interstate taxes, and parking charges are to be paid by you, that is not the responsibility of the Bike rental company.

7. Comprehend The Tariff Properly

Before renting a bike for yourself in Delhi, always confirm if the tariff is inclusive or exclusive of GST. At times you might get trapped in such a situation and hence are charged extra. So, make sure you understand all the tariff details very properly.

8. Check If The Vehicle Has All The Required Certificates

Make sure that the vehicle you are hiring has proper registration certificates, pollution control certificate and other permits that might be required and are up to date. To avoid any sort of ruckus ahead.

9. All-India Permit Certificate

Usually, these rental bikes have All India Permit, but to avoid any sort of trouble at the moment, always ensure that the Rental Company has provided you with the permit documents if you wish to take the bike to another city.

10. A Thorough Read Of Rental Agreement

Read the rental agreement that you are signing minutely and note if they’ve stated about any existing damages to avoid liability for such damages.

11. Signing The Agreement

You need to sign a Bike rental agreement with the company after meeting all the required conditions i.e you must be 21 years old and also if you wish to ride a superbike you must be at least 23 years old. If any of your friends are accompanying you then you both need to have your ID proof and License in such case. Also, you need to inform the dealer beforehand and take written permission from him.

12. Always Follow Traffic Rules

When it comes to guarded driving, obeying traffic rules is very essential. Traffic rules are in place to protect you and others while riding a vehicle on the road. Make sure you know, understand and abide by the rules pretty well. You should understand the following very properly:

  • Speed Limits

  • Traffic Signals and Signs

  • Signal your intentions

  • Pass with care and only where allowed

13. Don’t Mix Drinking And Driving

Drunken Driving has been recognized as a world menace and has led to many road mishaps in the past few years. Never ever mix drinking and driving as it might lead to a road accident.

For all the Bike lovers out there, we know that riding a bike is enthralling but never forget that safety comes first.  Always wear a helmet for your safety and don’t forget to follow traffic signs and signals. Make sure you keep all the points discussed above at the top of your mind before you plan out to rent a Bike in Delhi. Drive Safe, Stay Responsible and Have Fun. Happy Riding.

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