Top 10 Bikes for Leh Ladakh Road Trip - Rahulmotoz

Top 10 Bikes For Leh Ladakh Road Trip – Rahulmotoz

Road trips to Ladakh on bikes have become a trending obsession among passionate bikers lately. Every year bikers from all over the world throng into the beautiful trans-Himalayan terrains of Leh/Ladakh for the thrilling experience. It pushes people to conquer their fears and some even say that they feel to have become physically and mentally stronger after the bike trip. This is due to the high altitude terrains, harsh climate, and also because it is something which is out of their comfort zone. For these very reasons you must take precautions before you embark on a road trip to Leh Ladakh. So, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is bikes. Bikes that are strong enough to handle the dangerous roads and upon which you feel confident while driving.

After doing a lot of study and research on the topic we have come to the conclusion that you can choose any bike you want to go on a trip to Leh/Ladakh unless the bike has a strong pickup power and provides you a comfortable ride throughout your expedition. Technically if we say, a bike with a good amount of torque, Bhp, and which has a high displacement engine in our perspective is a Ladakh-ready bike. We at Rahul Motoz have studied all of these aspects in detail and we have only added those bikes into our fleet which meet these criteria. We have laid down the best bikes with flying testimonials from most of our customers who took our bikes on rent on their trip to Leh/Ladakh.

Best Bike for Leh Ladakh Trip

1. Royal Enfield Himalayan:

Royal Enfield engineers call this bike an “off-road beast”. This bike was specially made for India a few years ago with the sole purpose of tackling the broken roads across the Himalayan mountains. Its impeccable street performance and off-road prowess make it the king of all roads in India. After 50 years of unchanged manufacturing process and technology, Royal Enfield thought of redefining their process. Royal Enfield Himalayan has an engine that is built on the latest and the most technologically advanced manufacturing systems with the help of high-tech systems like AI. With the all-new 411 ccs single-cylinder, 26-foot-pounds of torque, and 24 horsepower this is one hell of a monster on those daunting roads.

If we talk about the style factor, there is no bike that can match up to its class. It’s a blend of modern touch on the classic look of Royal Enfield bikes which standouts from all other bikes out there. A road trip to Leh/Ladakh on this beast would be a decision to be appreciated. But if it doesn’t resonate with your budget you can take this Royal Enfield on rent for your next Leh/Ladakh trip from us at

2. Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 500

We cannot deny that this Road trip to Ladakh’s obsession got more hype just because of this one bike which is the bullet. Like its predecessor the iconic classic 350, bullet 500 also has similar features to its specs. Although, this one has a bigger engine with a 499cc single-cylinder producing 26.5 bhp power at 5,100 rpm and 40.9Nm of torque at 3800 rpm. The EFI systems that were used previously in old models have been replaced in standard 500 which has the carb technology(Carbureted Engine). This technology is more reliable because minor issues can be solved easily in these machines.

We chose this bike just because of its reliability and easy repairs if any issue comes up during your expedition. With its comfortable seating position, self-start, and high on acceleration, it meets all the needs and conveniences of our customers. We at RahulMotoz have made this our first priority to only provide machines that match with the needs of our customers. Rent this bike from us if plan to start your expedition from Delhi.

3. Royal Enfield Classic 350

With its iconic classic look similar to its elder brother classic 500, this classic machine has become a favorite for many bikers. It dons a retro design with classic machine parts but we don’t mean that it has old technology. This one has the latest UCE engine displacing 346cc in its power generation. Has decent power and torque which gives you a reasonable mileage. It’s a great performing machine which will give you a smooth and great riding experience.

We recommend you this bike on your trip to Leh/Ladakh because we feel it has the power to sustain those high roads and dangerous situations. It can handle roads like breeze because of its heavyweight body and powerful shock absorbers. With superior handling and an iconic retro look, this bike will rightfully justify your travel goals on your next trip to Leh/Ladakh.

4. Royal Enfield Electra 350:

We agree that Electra 350 never had been the first choice of buying a Royal Enfield but we feel it’s really underrated for what it can offer. The love for this bike grows on you slowly but surely you will appreciate it once it does. This bike is like sailing over the road because you really can’t deny the ride quality once you get on this machine. On your road trip to Ladakh what you would require is you get some strong handling power from your bike. Electra 350, because of its heavyweight and good shock absorption as well is a breeze while taking control over those roads.

It also has the Latest UCE engine now which gives you more reliability on your journey. This has put a lot of trust on the Electra 350. But whatever you say Enfields are a class apart and these are straight facts. Rent this Royal Enfield on Rahul Motoz at affordable rates and embark on your trip to Leh/Ladakh.

5. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350:

This majestic cruiser has something special to it that it attracts so many people into riding this beauty. With its layback relaxed sitting stance, padded seats, and the proper cruiser like handlebars, it takes bike riders back in time when this cruiser craze was really growing. Due to its classic cruiser look, people may think it’s an old machine. But Thunderbird since 2012 has gone through multiple technological advancements. One of the best things people love about is its comfortable cruiser seating position on the bike. Makes the bike ride so blissful.

This bike comes with a single-cylinder twin spark air cooled 346 cc engine producing about 19.8 Bhp of peak power at 5250 RPM and 28 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. This is a bike for a mature rider who loves to lay back on his seat and comfortably enjoy the ride. There may be many cruisers in the market but you just can’t match the royalty and the power of the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350.

6. Duke 200

Now let’s talk about the rough and meaner bikes which are creating quite a buzz around youngsters these days and that is KTM Duke 200. KTM just launched the latest version of Duke 200 and it looks even better than ever before. This one looks like a sharper, edgier, and meaner machine that is going to take on those rough roads and conquer them. This new version has taken a big step in improving the comfortability factor because on a long journey most people think sports bikes are the least comfortable machines to rely on. It’s not in the case of this machine. You will not realize when you became one with the bike, it is that comfortable.

The braking system in this one is spot on due to the prestigious ByBre brakes. Duke 200 has a single-cylinder, four strokes, 4 valves 200cc mill generating 25 bhp of heart-thumping experience. The highlight of this bike is its unforgiving raw power which is delivered in the most untamed form. But it doesn’t mean it will go out of control because its handling power is spot on due to its single mono-shock gear. This would be the perfect bike to tackle those rough roads of Ladakh this season. Rent a bike at RahulMotoz and get it delivered instantly at your designated location.

7. Avenger Cruiser 220:

You must remember that the movie “Terminator” where you saw Arnold driving on that cruiser in style while killing mutants. Now that was a badass movie which got so much hype and cult following not only for the characters but also for the cruiser bike he was driving. Bajaj got hold of this hype and introduced avenger into the Indian market which picked up like wildfire popularity. This bike was reintroduced in 2018 with major advancements in comfortability and long-distance travel. With handlebars getting a little bit swept back, this has made this cruiser a lot more comfortable to ride on.

It has a 19bhp 220cc oil-cooled DTS-i engine which is not bad for the handling and great looks it has to offer. Most of our customers who took this bike on rent on their last trip to Leh/Ladakh were very much satisfied with it.

8. Avenger Street 220:

Bajaj has revived the Avengers craze again with the launch of the New Avenger street 220. This bike has reached its peak in every facet, from looks to performance.  This urban machine seems to be inspired by the iconic Harley-Davidson Street 750 but although you cannot compare it to that big of a feat yet the power is undeniable. Both the cruiser and street are two bikes that are surprisingly agile and maneuverable which makes it a lot easier for riders to change directions and take those sharp turns around the corners. These bikes are very much stable and you feel very light while handling these bikes.

Avenger Street also has a 19bhp 220cc oil-cooled DTS-i engine which works great both in cities and while picking up of high roads like Leh/Ladakh. Avenger street is more on the sporty side if you first ride this machine. Has a very aggressive approach on the roads and you are not much relaxed like the cruiser on this one. This one is a fine-looking machine that can lure any cruise lover into buying this baby. Why not rent it on your next trip to Leh/Ladakh with Rahul Motoz?.

9. Avenger 220 DTS-i:

Avenger has always been a trendsetter and hasn’t backed off from trying different things and bringing it to market. After the introduction of Avenger 220 DTS-i, Bajaj has hit yet another milestone to its name. With stunning looks and top gear performance, this is one machine to look out for this season if you are planning for a trip to Leh/Ladakh. Due to its low center of gravity Avengers have always been sweet handlers on roads that are not so sweet. Comfort is what Avengers has always been boasted about, with pristine pillion comfort you can travel on this machine for as long as you like.

This machine comes with a 4 stroke, 2 valves, air-cooled (with Liquid Cooling) DTSi engine providing the piston 219.89cc enough space for free movement. Avenger 220 is capable of producing 19.03PS of power output peaking at 8400 rpm and 17.5Nm of torque peaking at 7000rpm. Now that is some real power. This takes the performance of Avenger 220 to a whole other level. An iconic machine from the bajaj indeed.

10.  Pulsar 220:

Bajaj Pulsar 220 which was launched back in the year 2007 has not yet lost its charm among millions of admirers of this iconic machine. However,  pulsar 220 has gone through many refinements and technological advancements along the years so it’s not an old machine yet. After snatching the “fastest bike in India” tag back in the days, pulsar 220 was the first choice for every passionate tourer in India. Even today people take and have been taking this bike on long tours to roads where every other bike doesn’t dare to go.

Pulsar 220 has a 220cc, oil-cooled,4-stroke, single-cylinder engine producing 20.64 bhp at 8500 rpm and torque is 18.55Nm at 7000 RPM. This machine is a handling prowess and you don’t have to worry about its stability around the city or even on the highest roads of India. We cannot recommend other alternatives that offer this level of comfort, performance, practicality, value, and refinement which is never-ending.


It’s great that you took out the time and read this comprehensive article about bikes that you could take on your trip to not only Ladakh but this applies basically everywhere. We wrote about these bikes because we trust these machines as they have given us great value in our business. Your expeditions shouldn’t be something you would want to regret and delete it from your memory rather it should be something you will remember and cherish throughout your life. You got just one life people, so, squeeze the shit out of it.

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